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The secret of ipl hair removal home use (two)

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Does the hair removal device have radiation?

There is no harmful radiation in the hair removal device. The general hair removal device, whether it is a large laser hair removal device or a home hair removal device, uses instantaneous energy of different wavelengths of light energy. This energy is essentially the same as sunlight and lamp, so Don't worry about the radiation hazard of the hair removal device.

Is the home hair removal device more harmful to the body?

Whether it is a large-scale hair removal instrument or a home hair removal instrument, the principle of hair removal is same. The melanin in the hair follicles absorbs light energy and converts it into heat energy. The heat energy acts on the hair follicles, so that the hair follicles are damaged or enter the dormant period to achieve the hair removal effect. In terms of energy, large-scale hair removal instruments are more harmful to the skin than home hair removal instruments because of their high energy.

What is the harm of the hair removal instrument to the body?

Hair removal devices have been on the market for decades as a mature product, from the large-scale hair removal devices used in hospitals and beauty salons at the beginning, and slowly developed to the home-use hair removal devices. Never found any substantial harm to the human body. Generally, after doing hair removal, the doctor will advise you not to do any exfoliation and pay attention to sunscreen. Because the skin will be fragile after hair removal, it takes time to recover.

Can we use body lotion after using hair removal device?

It is possible to use body lotion after using the hair removal device, and it is also recommended to use the body lotion to help the skin recover. However, it is not recommended to use the lotion with other functions, only moisturizing is required.

Can I use hair removal device every day?

Even the heat generated by the home hair removal instrument when it is lighting will cause some damage to the skin, making the skin sensitive and fragile. So every time after using the device, it takes 1-2 days for the skin to have a self-healing process. Therefore, it is not recommended to use a hair removal device every day. The general recommended frequency of use is: 1-2 weeks, 2 times / week; 3-4 weeks, 1 time / week; more than one month, 2 times / month.

Is the home hair removal device effective?

The home hair removal device must have a hair removal effect, otherwise it will not be accepted by the general public in recent years. But why so many people still question the effect of the hair removal device, the reasons include: 1, the hair removal device needs a certain period of use to be effective, generally after 5-8 weeks of use, you can completely remove the hair and clean it. 2. Some low-cost imitations, the quality of itself is not good enough to effect of hair removal at all. At present, household hair removal devices on the market are basically around 1k-2k. Some big brands may cost more than 3k. price is higher cause of the brand value. In fact, the effect of hair removal is not much different from those of 1-2k.

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