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Use home ipl hair removal device once not effective, why so many people choose?

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For people to understand the FDA hair removal device, although the use of a can not be effective, but than 

hair removal cream, shaving knife advantages, these several depilatory ways are also different.


Using shaving, hair removal cream and beeswax, are these three methods of hair removal really good?

For example, do you experience a slight tingling sensation on your skin after using a razor?Some people with 

sensitive skin may even have little red spots on their skin that are itchy and painful.In the long run, it may also 

lead to clogged pores and unable to grow hair.


The chemicals in hair removal creams can damage skin tissue, and repeated use can gradually thin the cuticles 

of the skin.waxing For people with sensitive skin, the skin is very easy to redness.


Now on the market a lot of FDA laser hair removal machine, for the shortcomings of the above hair removal 

methods, FDA home hair removal devices can solve them.For example, Sapphire ice cooling Hair Removal device 

and ice cooling Hair Removal devicecan apply ice compresses while removing hair during the process of hair 

removal, painless hair removal.

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How FDA ipl hair removal machine works:IPL uses the principle of selective thermal effect. The light it emits only 

acts on the melanin in the hair follicles. After converting the light energy into heat energy, the temperature 

increases suddenly, destroying the activity of the hair follicles, and causing the hair follicles to enter a dormant 

period, thereby achieving the purpose of inhibiting hair loss. 

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Why does it take multiple uses of a FDA hair removal instrument to achieve permanent hair removal?

This is because the hair growth is periodic, only the growth period of hair melanin content is higher, laser hair 

removal machine only has an effect on the growth period of hair.The melanin content of hair follicles in the 

anagen and telogen phases is low, and the hair removal effect is not great. Therefore, in order to have a good 

hair removal effect, it is recommended to use it according to the hair removal cycle in the instruction manual.

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