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Want to buy a hair removal device, how should I choose?

Time : 2023-03-02 Hits : 4

Hair removal in spring is the best season. After hair removal, avoid exposure to the sun and leave no pigmentation, 

which is good for skin recovery. Friends who have hair removal needs start to buy hair removal devices, but is the 

hair removal device you choose really effective in hair removal and suitable for you? Let's first understand the 

relevant knowledge of hair removal devices, and then choose the appropriate hair removal device according to 

our own needs.


Most of the hair removal devices on the market use the principle of IPL hair removal devices. Studies have shown 

that the safety of home hair removal devices lies in the wavelength. If the wavelength is too short, the light will 

not reach the hair follicles, and the light energy will be absorbed by the melanin and hemoglobin on the skin surface , 

causing damage to the skin. The wavelength above 510nm is safe and suitable. If the wavelength is too low, it may 

damage the eyes and skin, so look for the photon hair removal device with a yellow filter or above.


The key point is that home hair removal devices are divided into sapphire ice cooling, ice cooling, and non-ice cooling 

functions. A good hair removal device with ice compress function can reduce the burning sensation during hair removal, 

remove hair comfortably, and also provide a good foundation for the next hair removal. The cycle persists. At the same time, 

there is now a multi-functional hair removal machine, which is a three-in-one machine for hair removal, skin rejuvenation,

and acne removal, which can better meet the different needs of consumers.


The higher the energy, the better the hair removal effect, which also means that the skin is more irritated during hair removal, 

and the skin pain may be stronger. For some people's skin type, it may cause skin damage. You can choose according to your 

own skin acceptance, choose the hair removal device that suits you, and the hair removal effect will be better.

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