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What are the scams of the hair removal machine?

Time : 2022-12-30 Hits : 3

Laser hair removal, FDA IPL hair removal has always been a more popular project, especially when there are a lot of people 

for their body hair more and more and more trouble, laser hair removal, FDA IPL hair removal to a large extent to solve 

these problems, since these hair removal projects are so popular, which in the end is not reliable, What are the scams of 

home hair removal instrument?


Often easy to confuse the two principles of hair removal, FDA laser hair removal is the use of selective photothermal 

dynamics principle, than IPL hair removal effect is better, mainly wavelength, energy are relatively high, the need for 

professional operation, so hospitals, beauty salons are widely used laser hair removal instruments;IPL hair removal 

instrument uses the principle of selective thermal effect, most of them are used in home hair removal instrument, 

the main is home, high safety, mild and effective hair removal, strong comfort, but we should adhere to the use of 

complete hair removal cycle to have better hair removal effect.


Figure out the two principles of hair removal, according to their own hair removal needs, choose their own, can 

know more clearly before and after the skin care precautions.


Now many hair removal products launched the ice cooling function, the main painless hair removal. Ice cooling 

hair removal can be done at the same time while hair removal and ice cooling, so hair removal makes the skin 

very comfortable and cool, sensitive skin people can use.

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