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What happens when the hair removal device removes armpit hair?

Time : 2023-02-02 Hits : 7

Never stop on the road of beauty, and the matter of hair removal is also the same. Choosing the right hair removal 

device takes into account the safety, user experience and hair removal effect, so how about the hair removal device 

for underarm removal? Let's take a look together.


Axillary hair is the hair that grows in the armpits and grows as the gonads produce sex hormones. Whether to choose 

hair removal, there are no strict requirements and suggestions. Before making a decision on whether to remove hair, 

you should first consider your own actual situation, as long as you ensure that it does not affect your health, you can 

choose freely.

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If you choose to remove armpit hair, you need to pay attention to the correct method to avoid scratching the skin or 

even causing folliculitis due to improper methods.


When using a hair removal device to remove underarms, many people have doubts at this time, will there be a peculiar 

smell when the hair removal device removes the underarms and grows back?

In the underarms, the hair follicles and the sweat glands are two different structures that do not interfere with each other. 

First of all, the hair removal device uses IPL technology to remove hair, which only works on hair follicles. It will not cause 

blockage of sweat glands, poor perspiration, and odor.

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