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What is the best type of permanent hair removal?

Time : 2023-02-14 Hits : 4

For those looking to shed their hair, there is no shortage of hair removal products on the market. Many people are 

always confused when choosing hair removal products, whether it is a razor, beeswax, or hair removal cream; the 

cost of laser hair removal in hospitals and beauty salons is calculated according to the area of hair removal, which 

is expensive and takes a long time;


Household ice cooling hair removal equipment is easy to operate and has high safety. It is not obvious to use laser 

hair removal at the beginning. The ultimate goal of any hair removal product is hair removal, which is the difference 

between temporary hair removal and permanent hair removal, only the ice cooling hair remover is different. The ice 

cooling hair removal device has a permanent hair removal effect. Because the technology used is IPL, which only 

works on hair follicles, it can better protect the skin and make our skin more delicate and fair.


The ice cooling hair removal instrument uses intense pulsed light, which has a certain penetration depth and wavelength, 

which can absorb melanin well, and the hair will eventually fall off due to necrosis of growth cells. So as to achieve the 

effect of permanent hair removal.


Read the instructions before use, the hair removal process is simple and easy to operate, the ice cooling epilator not 

only has high safety performance, but also has high comfort. It can be operated at home. The ice cooling function can 

reduce the burning sensation during use and protect the skin, and will not cause erythema, redness, herpes and other 

adverse reactions due to excessive wavelength and energy of the hair removal device.

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