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What is the experience of using a home hair removal device?

Time : 2022-12-02 Hits : 3

Most FDA ipl hair removal devices use the principle of intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal, mainly because they can be easily 

operated at home, so they are more popular.Today we are going to talk about some problems with FDA ipl hair removal machines:

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1. Is it painful to use a home hair removal device?

Some girls feel very scared when they hear about using a home FDA hair removal device to remove hair, thinking that the process 

of FDA hair removal must be very painful.In fact, in many cases, for high-wavelength, high-energy FDA laser hair removal machines, 

the manufacturer will give away gel, and the gel will be applied to the parts that need hair removal, and the pain will be reduced.

Even if you don't use the gel, it won't be very painful if you start from the lowest gear when removing hair, because the pain in the 

lowest gear is completely tolerable.

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2.The use of laser hair removal machine once can permanent depilatory?

Using a FDA laser hair removal machine once can not remove hair permanently.The main reason is that the hair growth cycle is 

divided into three stages: growth stage, quiescent stage and degeneration stage.Only during the growth phase is there a large 

amount of melanin in the hair follicles, which can absorb light strong enough to destroy the hair follicles, while hair in the quiescent 

and degenerative stages cannot shed until the growth phase, and therefore, requires multiple uses to achieve long-term hair removal.


3. Can the home hair removal device be used for hair removal on any part?

In addition to armpit hair, leg hair and arm hair, the common hair removal parts can also remove hair from other parts, such as finger 

hair and beard, but the number of times of hair removal is different for different parts.

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