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What is the principle of the IPL hair removal device, what are the advantages and contraindications?

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The most used hair removal machines are IPL hair removal, ice cooling hair removal and sapphire hair removal. 

IPL uses the principle of selective thermal effect. The light it emits only acts on the melanin in the hair follicles. 

After converting the energy of light into heat energy, the temperature increases suddenly, destroying the activity 

of the hair follicles, and making the hair follicles enter a dormant period, thereby achieving the purpose of 

inhibiting hair loss. Growth for hair removal purposes.



Hair follicle growth cycle:

The growth cycle of hair follicles includes growth phase, telogen phase and recession phase. Not all hair follicles 

are in the same period, so the hair removal needs to be done several times.


What are the benefits of IPL hair removal device?

The IPL hair removal device will not harm the skin and sweat glands. Under the premise of not affecting the normal 

skin tissue, the hair root is carbonized and decomposed, and at the same time, the dermal papilla is inhibited from 

delivering nutrients to the hair, so as to achieve a long-lasting hair removal effect. The portable IPL hair removal 

device can independently complete the hair removal treatment at home. The operation gear and time can be 

controlled according to your own habits. It can be said to be quite convenient for people with more hair.


Who should not use laser hair removal?

People with allergies: People with skin allergies and those who are taking photosensitizing drugs are not suitable 

for laser hair removal to prevent allergic dermatitis.

Those who have used chemical hair removal within 30 days, those who have used skin whitening products in a short 

period of time, or those who have used cosmetics containing vitamin A, please use with caution.

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