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What kind of hair removal device is effective for hair removal

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When choosing a good hair removal device, energy and wavelength are particularly important.  Generally, the higher the energy and the 

longer the wavelength, the more significant the hair removal effect will be.  The faster the luminous speed, the higher the hair removal 

efficiency.  The ice cooling function of the ice coolinghair removal instrument on the market is to reduce the pain, because the higher 

the energy, the stronger the corresponding pain.


Everyone knows that laser hair removal devices in beauty parlors can remove hair faster and better than home hair removal devices.  

This is because the energy of the laser hair removal device is higher than that of the home hair removal device.  That is to say, under 

the same conditions, the higher the energy density, the more significant and lasting the hair removal effect.  However, as the energy 

increases,the pain will be relatively more intense, but it also varies from person to person, because each person's skin has different 

tolerance to pain.


Wavelength is also a very important consideration when choosing a hair removal device.  The wavelength of intense pulsed 

light is mainly used in the fields of cosmetology and treatment of various skin diseases.  The longer the wavelength, the 

deeper the skin layers can be intervened.  Generally speaking, the wavelength of 510nm-1200nm has better hair removal effect.  

Therefore, we do not recommend you to buy a hair removal device with a wavelength below 500nm.  Not only 

does it have no hair removal effect, but it will seriously endanger our health.

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The effect of ice cooling is to relieve pain.  Some people are more sensitive to pain.  Ladies who are afraid of pain must choose 

an epilator with a ice cooling function.  You know, melanin has the ability to absorb light.  Asians generally have yellowish skin 

and higher levels of melanin.  Therefore, during the hair removal process, the light energy is easily absorbed by the epidermis 

of the skin.  If the freezing point function is not used, most people will have a strong sense of pain, and the ice cooling

 function is enough to reduce the burning sensation of high-intensity energy light absorbed by the skin, which can protect the 

skin and relieve pain.

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