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What should be paid attention to when the temperature drops and hair removal?

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After the temperature drops, no matter which hair removal method is used, skin moisturizing is the main thing; 

if you don’t pay attention to skin moisturizing, you will irritate the local skin when shaving, causing itching; 

friends who consider ipl hair removal devices, when the skin is dry, Please shave your hair and moisturize your 

skin in advance, and wait until the next day for hair removal, otherwise it will affect the effect of pulsed light.

腋下妇女护理, 白色背景隔离

If the hair is not shaved or the skin with residual hair is shaved, the adverse conditions that may occur during 

the irradiation, the dust in the hair may absorb part of the light energy, which may cause severe pain or redness 

of the skin; excessively long hair Absorption of heat on the surface of the skin can cause skin redness and swelling, 

and in severe cases can burn the superficial skin. In addition, burnt hair will produce peculiar smell, which will 

affect the experience of using the instrument.


Using a home hair removal machine, you can remove hair at home. It is safe and secretive. You can choose the 

time of hair removal freely, unlike laser hair removal where you need to make an appointment. As the temperature 

drops and UV rays are reduced, the skin has ample time to recover. At this time, hair removal is completed, and a 

hair removal cycle is completed. In summer, you can happily wear beautiful clothes and expose your white and 

smooth skin.

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