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What should I do if I don't want unwanted hair to grow back?

Time : 2023-02-22 Hits : 3

It is recommended to choose IPL hair removal method.  Generally, after a period of hair removal, the effect of 

permanent hair removal and no longer hair growth can be achieved.


Generally used beeswax hair removal, or depilatory cream hair removal, only slows down hair growth to a certain extent, 

removes existing hair, and cannot make body hair achieve the effect of no longer growing.  Treating the symptoms but not 

the root cause requires repeated hair removal for a long time.  And don't do it too frequently, as frequent hair removal will 

irritate the skin and may cause skin inflammation and hair follicles.


So far, there is no hair removal technology that can bring long-lasting hair removal effect after a single procedure.Regardless 

of using razors, beeswax, epilators, depilatory creams or laser hair removal and IPL photon hair removal, it must be handled 

according to the law of hair growth cycle.


The IPL hair removal device can perform full body hair removal.  Many users can see that the hair gradually no longer grows 

after about 8 weeks of treatment.  Hair removal can be performed according to the degree of hair growth.But after a long 

time without hair removal, small hairs will grow in some parts, mainly thin and soft.

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