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What should I do if my skin is itchy after using IPL hair removal device?

Time : 2023-02-07 Hits : 6

IPL hair removal can cause red spots on the skin, which some people find very itchy, but this is normal 

and usually subsides within a few hours.  It is normal to cause leg itching after IPL hair removal, mainly 

because during IPL hair removal, the laser will cause local skin to be slightly irritated, and itching 

symptoms may appear during the skin recovery period, don’t worry too much, please don’t use it 

Excessive scratching with hands may affect the recovery of the skin.


Considering that everyone's reaction to IPL hair removal is different, more attention should be paid to 

the care after hair removal. If the skin is red and swollen after hair removal, you can apply cold 

compresses, and then use moisturizing products to moisturize; after hair removal, do not use perfume, 

facial masks, and cosmetics containing scrub beads.


Within 72 hours after hair removal, please avoid ultraviolet light exposure to avoid skin inflammation 

and other conditions.  In case of sunburn, please wait a week after recovery before using the device. 

In case of severe discomfort, consult a physician.  If sun exposure is necessary, apply sunscreen.

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