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What to be noted when using IPL hair removal device

Time : 2019-11-21 Hits : 3

It may sound counterintuitive but before you use an IPL machine you will need to shave. Shaving rather than waxing prior to use is important as IPL works to deactivate the hair follicle whereas waxing, epilating or plucking will pull the hair from the follicles that you are trying to target.

You should not use an IPL machine on tanned skin as this can cause discolouration or pigmentation and you should always do a patch test before you complete the treatment to see how your skin will react. In one session, try not to go over the same area multiple times. Winter is an excellent season to commit to an IPL regime as you are less likely to be exposed to the sun.

Some of the machines come with eye protection but if not, it is important to invest in goggles to reduce light exposure to your eyes. If skin feels sensitive after, apply moisturiser or Aloe Vera.

Although this may seem like a lot to take in, these devices are actually very straightforward with a simple point and shoot technique. After only a few months, you will have a long-lasting solution for a smooth, hairless feel all year round.


The market is flooded with options from big brands like Philips, Braun and many more. These products are expensive, but the depilation effect and quality are very good. If you don't care much about the price, I recommend you buy these products. If you want to find some products with good price, depilation effect and good product quality, I would like to recommend some good products to you.


I recommend this product for family use. Each person only needs 100000 times of depilation in his or her life at most (generally far less). This product has a service life of 500000 times. Recommend that you buy this one to use with your family or organize a weekend hair removal party with your best friend. With three replacement lamps, and one machine integrating skin rejuvenation and depilation function. Its energy is higher than that of ordinary household hair removal machine, the effect of depilation is better, and it is absolutely safe and easy to operate. Get one machine and keep your family away from unwanted hair problems.



This is a product I recommend to my best friend. It is the first choice of personal hair removal device. Completely painless, very pleasant to depilate, and has the function of skin color recognition before each light out. It can effectively protect the skin when there are spots and nevus. In addition, although it is very convenient to hold, it also has powerful energy. After 8 times of use, it can effectively remove hair, and permanently remove it.


The above two device are very popular in the market, and the cost performance is also very high. If need to consult for details, please contact Shenzhen noble smart, a manufacturer specializing in the production of househeld IPL hair removal for more than ten years.

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