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What's the matter with the hair getting harder after shaving?

Time : 2023-01-10 Hits : 3

Girls with a lot of hair may know that every time we use the traditional shaving method, we will find that the 

hair grows again in a few days, and the hair that grows is darker and harder than before.Many people can't 

figure it out , Isn't it just new hair?

Because the growth of our body hair is thick at the root and thin at the tip, cutting the hair from the root 

makes the pores seem thicker, and the newly grown body hair does not grow obliquely but upwards, and 

it will also appear thicker.

腋下妇女护理, 白色背景隔离

Traditional hair removal methods will cause you to encounter the following problems:

Pulling hair is too painful: the process of pulling hair is definitely painful, but do you know?   The hair follicles 

extend down into the dermis about one centimeter deep.    Artificial hair removal can easily cause infection 

and inflammation of the hair follicles and surrounding tissues.   In addition, after the extraction, the pores 

and skin are in a fragile state, which will reduce the skin's resistance and seriously cause infection of hair 

follicles, sweat glands, sebaceous glands and other parts.


Using hair removal cream can easily cause inflammation of hair follicles.    Under normal circumstances, 

there are bacteria in hair follicles.    They are like probiotics in the intestines, and they can usually live in 

peace with people.  But when the hair follicles are damaged, or the human body's immunity is low, the 

bacteria in the body will increase sharply.   In addition, after hair removal, external bacteria will enter 

through the pores, which will easily cause inflammation, redness and swelling of the hair follicles.


Therefore, it is not recommended that you use the traditional hair removal method, because it will 

bring you too many unpredictable problems.  However, the traditional method is not the only way 

to solve the problem of exuberant hair.


Now we can choose a home-use hair removal device, which is easy to use and will not cause harm 

to our body. It can be said that the home-use hair removal device has been loved by many young 

people. Those who have not used it before can choose to use it. Oh, there will definitely be different 


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