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Why does the hair removal device I bought not work on my hair?

Time : 2023-03-08 Hits : 1

It is said that the hair removal device bought by many friends are not clean, which will cause damage to the skin, which is very annoying. 

There are many laser hair removal machines on the market now, and it is difficult to make a choice when purchasing.  The effect and safety 

of the hair removal device should be of great concern to everyone.  But the wavelength and energy of the hair removal device are also 

very important, which determines whether the hair removal is effective or not.  At the same time, it should also be noted that the hair 

removal device purchased needs to have various certifications.


The sheermate M1 Pro hair removal device complies with EU CE/ROHS, American FCC/UL, Japanese PSE, and Chinese 3C standards, 

and will not cause harm to the skin and body.  It uses precise waves of red light so that it can reach the hair follicle directly and inactivate 

the follicle regeneration tissue.  The breakthrough wavelength of 600/640nm has a double range;  the effect is longer lasting, efficient 

and does not damage the skin.  Anyone who has used a hair removal device knows that the greater the energy, the better the effect.


Most of the epilators on the market are around 5-18J, ours is 5-33J, which has high energy and more effective net hair removal.  

This also means a wider range of energy options, which can be adapted to people with different tolerance levels.  Moreover, sheermate's 

hair removal device can detect the skin color when it is turned on.  Only when the skin color is sensed can the light be turned on, 

which can effectively avoid accidents.  Lightweight, the handle is light and not tiring, and the operation is convenient and effective.

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