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Why is the skin dry and itchy after using a home hair removal device?

Time : 2023-03-17 Hits : 4

Do you find that the skin becomes dry and itchy after using the hair removal device?   This is because the wavelength 

in the hair removal device stimulates the hair follicles, causing dry itching, don't worry, the symptoms will slowly 

disappear after a few minutes.


At the same time, there are ice cooling and non-ice cooling of household IPL hair remover.   If everyone uses a ice cooling 

epilator, then the hair removal experience is comfortable.   Generally, epilators do not have a ice cooling effect, so there 

will be slight redness and pain on the skin after use.   But don't worry, this is normal.   The correct way to deal with it is to 

apply ice compresses for relief.   It usually disappears within 24 hours of remission.


We recommend that you take protective measures after hair removal, because our skin will be slightly hot and dry after 

hair removal.   At this time, you can apply some body lotion to relieve the pain.   But we should choose some brands that 

are mild, non-irritating, and fragrance-free, so as not to cause damage to the skin.


After hair removal, the hair removal area should be maintained to avoid other problems (such as melanin precipitation, etc.).   

Prevents skin discomfort caused by ultraviolet radiation, and is conducive to skin recovery.

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