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Why the first hair removal with a hair removal device is the same as no hair removal?

Time : 2023-02-01 Hits : 3

The hair removal effect of the hair removal device has been proved by research, and it has a good hair removal 

effect if it is used consistently for a period of time. After purchasing a hair removal device, we performed the 

first hair removal, but wondered why the first hair removal was the same as no hair removal?


A hair follicle has three stages, anagen, telogen, and catagen, and the hair in the anagen is mainly characterized 

by continuous growth. In order to achieve a good hair removal effect, it is necessary to use the hair removal 

device regularly to make the hair follicles in the growth period enter a dormant state, so you will feel why the 

first hair removal is the same as the non-removal, and it takes multiple times of hair removal to be effective. 

Over time, The hair will become thinner and lighter in color, truly effective hair removal.


When using the hair removal device for hair removal for the first time, it is recommended to use the lowest 

gear to prevent a series of reactions such as blisters, burns, severe redness, and swelling caused by using a 

gear that is too high. 

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There are also a lot of things to pay attention to in hair removal with a hair removal device. It is necessary to 

choose a wavelength of 500-1200nm and an energy density of about 5J/cm² to effectively remove hair. 

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