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Best home IPL hair removal for dark & black skin(partⅡ)

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Home devices by safe skin tone

All home-use laser and IPL hair removal devices are safe for skin types I to IV. But be careful if you have lots of dark moles or freckled skin. The increased pigment makes some devices unsuitable to use, so try one of the following devices that are gentle on darker skin tones.

The Noble Smat M3 is the only home IPL hair removal device. It’s safe for Fitzpatrick types I to IV only. Therefore, the M3 IPL is NOT safe for dark skin.

Fortunately, a few homes IPL devices are safe for darker and black skin tones. Let’s learn why they’re safe next.


Why are some ipl devices safe for dark skin?

Some home IPL devices are clinically proven safe for dark skin (type V). They have intensity ranges starting low, additional filters and special configuration of the IPL flashes to make it gentle on darker skin.

This means on the lower levels, only longer wavelengths travel through your skin. This jumps past the epidermis of your skin where your cells contain melanin. Therefore, it keeps darker skin safe. However, even these devices aren’t safe for the darkest skin tones.

But some home devices combine IPL with other energies. This boosts the effects of the IPL so you need just a gentle intensity to do its work. Home devices safe for the darkest skin are available with both IPL + Radio Frequency, and IPL + Galvanic energy.


Your results when using these home machines on darker skin may take slightly longer than the advertised schedules. That’s because using the lower intensities, your hairs absorb less IPL. So, it’s important to give it time to see hair reduction results.

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