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How Often Should Laser IPL Hair Removal Device Be Done?

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Unwanted face and body hair can be downright aggravating to remove. Shaving, tweezing and waxing is a time-consuming routine that must often be performed daily to keep up with hair growth. For those who are tired of the upkeep, laser IPL hair removal device can be the solution to your hair woes.


How Often Do You Need Laser IPL hair removal device?

Hair grows in cycles, meaning you never see all of your face or body hair at once. So to effectively remove this hair permanently, follicles need to be in an active growing cycle.

During the procedure, a laser targets the melanin in each follicle. Melanin is a pigment that gives hair its color and is not present unless hair is growing. This is why several laser IPL hair removal device sessions are needed to remove all of your hair in a specific area. It is also why laser IPL hair removal device does not always work on people with white, light red, blonde or grey hair.

Generally speaking, most people need between six to eight treatment sessions to ensure that all of the hair in each cycle is removed. Laser IPL hair removal device sessions are usually spaced out with a minimum of eight weeks apart to allow hair to enter a new cycle so that all follicles are targeted.


However, the speed of hair growth differs from person to person and can vary based on the location of the hair. For example, facial hair tends to grow faster than leg hair and may need to be treated every four weeks. Leg hair can grow much more slowly and may be done at 12-week intervals.

After Laser IPL hair removal device.

After your first laser treatment session, there is a period of hair shedding. For about three weeks after a treatment, you may notice what looks like growing hair, but it is actually the treated hair falling out, or shedding.


You can help speed up this process by using a loofah, a mild sugar scrub, or a washcloth when you shower or bathe to exfoliate the area and help remove the hair more quickly. If you still have hair in the treated area after about three to four weeks, it was most likely not in the growing phase during your last laser treatment. This is a rare occurrence but does happen, so be sure to let your laser treatment specialist know at your next session.

After your hair has shed, you will notice that the area will be smooth and hair-free for several weeks. Once the hair starts to grow in again, it’s time for your next treatment.

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