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Introduction of several types of professional hair removal instruments used in beauty salons

Time : 2020-08-08 Hits : 3

Body hair not only emits odor easily, but also gives a feeling of being unclean and untidy. So we have to remove excess body hair, but the traditional way of hair removal makes people dare not try it easily. However, with the development of the beauty industry, people will also want to try to enjoy hair removal in the beauty salon, so what about the hair removal instrument in the beauty salon?


Laser hair removal is the light deep into the skin hair follicle of melanin, it selectively absorb the specific wavelength of photon energy, produce thermal effect, hair follicle coagulation lost regeneration ability. However, it does not damage the skin and sweat glands. We avoid damaging the surrounding tissue and achieving permanent depilation. So what is the large hair removal apparatus of beauty salon?

1. Optical freezing painless depilator

The operator of the beauty salon is familiar with this instrument, and the sales volume in the market has been very good. There is freezing point depilation, which provides a better depilation experience during this hot period and uses advanced flat-topped square wave technology. Sapphire cooling system is added to keep skin cool and double protection to make hair removal safer. Hair removal and also make the skin smooth, can achieve permanent hair removal 3-4 times the effect. But its function is much and miscellaneous, consumable material is more, the finally cost is not cheap.

2.808 laser depilator

At present, the most advanced laser hair removal equipment, without the stimulation of traditional laser instruments, freezing and painless, semiconductor laser technology is a medical-grade professional hair removal technology that can be used on sensitive skin, labial ministry hair can be removed, the hair of the sensitive place such as armpit hair, bikini also can be use, it uses the energy that concentrates highly to remove laser, the hair follicle of 90% above can absorb enough heat to be destroyed, depilate the effect cleaner. Model 808 permanent depilator can achieve permanent depilation after 2~5 treatments.

3. E light depilator

Appeared before other large hair removal equipment in beauty salons, the price is relatively cheap, and there are many projects that can be completed. Hair removal, freckles, redness, whitening and skin rejuvenation are all possible. It's really economical and practical, but there is no advantage to the hair removal project. Hair removal will have obvious pain. This is unacceptable to many customers. It requires technical skills and cannot be removed as quickly as the 808 epilator. For beauticians and customers, the hair removal process is more difficult, so now the large-scale hair removal equipment in beauty salons has basically been replaced.

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