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Is there a hair removal device that can achieve permanent hair removal?

Time : 2020-06-12 Hits : 6


I have seen that many hair removal devices are promoting their products via highlight the concept of permanent hair removal, which has caused many users to love with that and thinking that they will no longer worry about the problem of hair growth after hair removal. I can make it clear that, at the moment there is no any brand of hair removal device or any form of hair removal can achieve complete permanent hair removal.

So why do laser hair removal devices or home photon hair removal devices claim that they can do permanent hair removal? This starts with the principle of hair removal they use. Simply put, it uses the melanin in the hair follicles to absorb the energy in the light energy and convert it into heat energy to destroy the hair follicles so that they no longer grow. In this respect, it is indeed possible to remove the hair "fundamentally"

But the human body has self-healing and metabolic functions, and the damaged places will always be repaired slowly. The same is true for hair follicles. Although they are temporarily damaged, they are always repaired slowly, and then hair grows back. The time for hair follicle restoration is related to everyone's physical condition, some people need 2-3 years, some people may need 10 years.

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