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The application of modern laser technology in the treatment field of cosmetic dermatology is one of the breakthrough developments in dermatology in China in recent years. In a short decade or so, laser technology has formed a relatively complete theoretical system and clinical practice, and has become one of the main treatment means of cosmetic dermatology.


There are many kinds of instruments in the medical and beauty instrument market. Among them, laser beauty instruments achieve the effect of plastic beauty through "mild intervention", and become the backbone of the beauty medical market. Laser beauty instruments can be used in the fields of skin softening, nevus removal, wrinkle removal, hair removal and so on. Especially in the field of hair removal, laser hair removal is becoming more and more popular, with fast hair removal speed and remarkable effect.


Laser hair removal can achieve the effect of rapid hair removal only after multiple treatments according to individual specific conditions. The specific times of cure are related to many factors such as skin, hair type and so on. Generally speaking, laser hair removal requires 3-5 times, and some people even more times. Laser hair removal adopts the selective photothermal principle of advanced strong pulse light source, which can quickly and directly act on the root of hair follicle, effectively destroy hair follicle, achieve the effect of hair removal, and will not cause any damage to normal skin. Only melanin is the most sensitive to laser, and the melanin content in human skin is very small. Therefore, this laser can directly penetrate the skin and hair follicles, but will not burn the skin and affect sweat gland secretion. This method is simple and fast, and generally does not leave scars after treatment.


Laser hair removal has no side effects on the human body, has strong pertinence, and basically has no impact on the skin.

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