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Laser Hair Removal at Home – Hot or Not!

Time : 2019-12-09 Hits : 5

Whether it be a personal preference, a hygiene issue, a cultural thing or religious expectations, or just to look great in that new string bikini, everyone has their own reasons for wanting to remove pubic or vaginal hair. But, it's not quite the same as shaving your legs or underarms. The genital area has very tender skin that can be damaged easily and to make things worse, a thicker, coarser hair type than what is found on the rest of your body. So, it must be approached with a little more care.


The cult of getting unwanted hair removed through laser treatment has become widely popular in the UK and other parts of the world. You can see hair reduction centers visited by both men and women, who look for effective procedures to reduce and remove their excessive body hair. There are some people who feel that they can practice laser hair removal at home and do not need to visit a professional salon for the same. It is true that the process can be convenient and more affordable when done at home. However, the big question is if the it effective and safe, or not! Let’s help you take a closer look:

More affordable: Good quality equipment can cost £1000 or more, but considering that laser treatments at a salon can total anywhere from £500 - £3000 per body part, this adds up to quite a savings. And, your machine is a onetime investment that you will be able to use on other areas of your body without a lot of additional costs.


Flexibility: When you have the machine at home, you don`t have to worry about fitting scheduled appointments into your busy schedule. You can use the equipment at your own convenience.

Privacy: You may not feel comfortable going into a clinic, especially to have certain areas treated. With laser hair removal at home, you can get results without feeling self-conscious or nervous.


Totally speaking, at-home devices are very cheaper and convenient, you can make treatment at any time and it’s much cheaper.

So before you spend a lot of money on an IPL machine you should look at both the advantages and disadvantages so you know exactly what to expect from your purchase.

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