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Permanent Laser Hair Removal(II)

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What Are The Actual Treatments Like?

In a simple phrase: 'FAST AND EASY'. Preparation for the IPL treatment is minimal, as body hair does not have to be grown out prior to the treatment and we strongly recommend shaving prior to the treatment to prevent burning of the hair. The hand-piece utilized for the treatment covers larger body areas than alternative methods. Thus minimizing the time of the treatment, and the active cooling integrated within the hand-piece provides for additional comfort.


The sensation is often referred to as a gentle 'snap' with minimal to no sensation subsequent to the treatment. In some cases, dependent on the procedure, skin type, and the treatment area, clients experience some mild redness and tenderness in the area, which does not interfere with normal activities and usually subsides within a day.

What Is The Difference Between Laser Hair Removal And IPL?

1-2103201K243205Fundamentally they have a similar mechanism of action (photo-thermal), however two significant benefits of IPL are: more speed and less sensation. Larger hand-pieces means IPL technology can perform procedures up to ten times faster than traditional lasers and with active cooling in the hand-pieces, the sensation of IPL is far less intense.

Who Is A Candidate For Treatment?


Men and women ... basically anyone can be treated with an IPL. Treatments are customized according to your skin type, hair colour and treatment area. Treatments are effective on most skin types and hair colours except for blonde and white hair. Any body part including underarms, legs, back, face, neck, bikini ... etc can be treated. Special protection is required when working closely around the eyes.

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