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Questions about Home use IPL hair removal device(Part II)

Time : 2019-11-22 Hits : 5

Our previous article Part I has mentioned two questions as follows:

1 Using the IPL hair removal device directly or using it after the body hair shaved?

2 It sounds like high technology, but does it have some side-effects on skin?

Here continue taking you to browse another questions.



How long does it take to achieve the visible effects? Will the body hair grow out again?

Be Patient please, at least one month later.

Different instruments are designed differently, and the effective time is different. Usually it needs 3-4 treatments to be done three or four times and based on professional-grade energy. Moreover, the hair follicle is "sleeping" rather than "necrotic". Once the hair follicles in the dormant period wake up, the hair may still grow out, so the professional institutions still need one or two times a year and a half to make up the hair follicles. Continue to sleep. The photon-treated hair follicles are not as active as before, and the body hair that grows is relatively soft. Surely if the body hair is extremely hairy and thick, it need 2 more treatments than usual ones.

So it must be serious when choosing the home use IPL hair removal supplier.



Usually put some gel on the skin before using the device in hospital or beauty salons, So does it necessary at home?

Don’t advice to do!

The use manual of the hair removal device is very clear. It is fine to operate on dry and shaved skin. The gel of the hospital is mainly used to relieve the burning caused by high energy during treatment, and the energy of home use IPL hair removal devices are much lower hospitals’. So it does not advice to put gel when use the device at home.

And if you want to use hair removal cream before using the device,

it’s better to use the cream 24 hours in advance. Also we don’t advice using the cream if the skin is sensitive.


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