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Summer is coming. How much do you know about hair removal and skincare?

Time : 2020-02-28 Hits : 3

The season for wearing skirts is coming. Spring is a good season for hair removal. It is time to seriously say goodbye to “kiwi”.
I am especially looking forward to the beautiful preparation of the girls before the summer comes!
No matter which hair removal method the little sisters choose, we must take good care of the skin.
Below, Xiao Nuo gives the mushroom coolers some hair removal and skincare tips:
1: Exfoliate before hair removal
Exfoliate before each hair removal, this will prevent dead skin cells from “obstructing” the razor, which may prevent possible cuts. Therefore, everyone is best to exfoliate with a mild scrub before removing hair.
2: Grasping hair removal time
Regardless of whether you use a hair removal cream, hair removal foam, or hair removal wax, it is best to take a bath after bathing because the temperature and steam of the bath can soften the hair and open the pores. At the same time, the hair is softened and easier to scrape off. The skin does not have a strong discomfort.


3: Don’t forget to use hair removal foam
Just like men’s edible shaving foam, the lubricating effect of foam is very important for obtaining good hair removal effect, but we are not talking about ordinary soap bubbles but special hair removal foam or a small amount of conditioner. Because soap removes moisture from the skin, and conditioner can provide moisture, making the hair removal process smoother.
4: Keep your legs protected from the sun
The skin after hair removal is more susceptible to UV rays, so don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your legs, and remember to choose products that are moist and not greasy.


5: Moisturizing is the key
Keep your legs moisturized too! When your leg skin becomes dry, apply a moisturizing lotion. This helps reduce the chance of hair growth and rash.
6: Caring for the skin on the hair removal site
After epilation, the texture of the skin will become irregular, and the horny barrier will be damaged during the epilation. Therefore, after the epilation, some repair products, such as special care products or essential oils, should be used to relieve skin discomfort while repairing. It protects small skin lesions that are hard to see with the naked eye.


7: Not always suitable for hair removal
It is best not to use hair removal products when the skin is swollen, reddened by the sun, acne, and skin damage. This will increase the burden on the skin, and girls should not use hair removal products during menstruation, because the skin The state is very unstable and extremely sensitive to external stimuli and pain.
Of course, among many hair removal methods, Xiao Nuo still recommends a portable photon hair removal device for everyone. It is painless, permanent, portable and convenient. It is the best choice for girls to bid farewell to “hairy hands and feet”!

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