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The United States has finally begun to require FDA certification for home hair removal devices. As a manufacturer specializing in hair removal devices, what should they do?

Time : 2020-11-04 Hits : 6

As early as April and May of this year, I heard that Amazon in the United States requires all products that have direct contact with the skin to provide FDA certification. At that time the freight forwarder was able to handle the issue of customs clearance, so a large number of non-FDA-certified hair removal devices were listed on Amazon. However, with the outbreak of the epidemic COVID-19 in the United States and the trade war forced by the US government. On September 1st, 2020, The U.S. Amazon forcibly removed a large number of listings for home hair removal devices. At present, the list of available hair removal devices is only Philips, Braun, Deess and other brands of hair removal devices, and almost all listing of other hair removal devices are closed. (recently many Amazon sellers have get the listing back throught some special channels, but its not a long-term solution)


As the seller or the manufacturer which is specializing in the products hair removal devices, how should they deal with this sudden blow?

As we all know, the United States has been always a huge market for major e-commerce products, and almost all products want to take a share in this market. However, due to political reasons, sellers of hair removal devices have to try other methods.

For instance:

1, . You can focus on the Canadian or Mexican markets in North America. After all, they belong to North America same as the United States. During this time, you can pay more attention to product development and upgrade the product based on previous experience. Avoid the edge, recharge your energy, and then accumulate yourself. Wait until the phase pass, and then take back the lost.

2, Moving to other markets, the market for hair removal devices is not only in the United States. Also in Europe, Japan and the Middle East have huge market potential. Although starting from scratch will be a bit difficult at the beginning, but in doing business, there is impossible without setback. If it can't defeat you, you will become stronger. I hope you will not be lack the courage to start over.

NOBLE as a manufacturer of hair removal devices, we are even more helpless at this time, but we did not give up. We have been working hard to improve the status quo.

1, Accelerate the application and processing of FDA certification: I thought that only the large hair removal devices can be defined as a medical instrumens. But the U.S does not want the Chinese sellers comfortable, we naturally cannot blame others. What we have to do is to help our customers return to the US market as soon as possible. Therefore, our company is actively applying for FDA510K certification.

2, Actively explore other potential markets and increase the promotion of hair removal devices in Europe, Japan, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

I hope we will work together to spend this difficult time together.

In addition, the big wholesalers in the domestic market please contact me. What are you waiting for, follow me! Take you to check our latest products.

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