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There is a reason why the laser hair removal device can stand out

Time : 2021-06-29 Hits : 31

With the advent of summer, it’s time for the ladies to show off, bare shoulders and legs to show sexy, but the hair all over the body makes the ladies very headache. In order to avoid all kinds of embarrassing situations when going out, Do girls take various methods to remove hair at home? For example: apply depilatory cream, paste with beeswax, pluck with tweezers, shave with a razor, etc.

But although the problem was solved for a while, the hair became thicker and harder in the later stage, and the skin was injured during the treatment, which was really miserable.


Disadvantages of traditional hair removal:
1. It is difficult to destroy the hair matrix and hair follicle stem cells, so it can achieve the effect of temporary hair removal
2. When plucking the hair, it also stimulates the hair follicles to enter the growth phase.
3. It is harmful and irritating to the skin.
How can the hair be permanently removed without harming the skin? Don't worry, laser hair removal helps you. Laser hair removal is currently the most effective and safe method of hair removal.

What is laser hair removal?
1. It uses the principle of selective photothermal action
2. Act on target tissues with high selectivity;
3. Penetrate the epidermis directly to the dermis and use melanin as the target to destroy hair follicle stem cells;
4. Perform precise and selective hair removal treatments to achieve short-term or permanent hair removal results.

Everyone misunderstands permanent hair removal:
1. The so-called permanent hair removal does not mean that you will never grow hair.
2. It refers to significant and stable hair loss, more than a complete hair growth cycle (usually one year)
3. The hair in the laser hair removal area becomes thinner to varying degrees, and the hair becomes thinner,
4. After the hair is irradiated by the laser, most of the hair falls off, and a small part of the hair follicles are not completely destroyed and disappeared, but degenerate and become thinner.

Advantages of home laser hair removal device:
1. Hair removal can be carried out at any time and any place, without time limitation;
2. You can perform hair removal on your own to avoid unnecessary embarrassment in going to the beauty salon;
3. It can be used by the whole family for one share of money, which is simply a little money-saving expert.

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