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What for a side effects does home use hair removal device have

Time : 2020-06-04 Hits : 6


Home use hair removal devices usually use IPL photon technology. This technology was first used by Philips on hair removal instrument products. After decades of market testing, no adverse side effects were found. The local skin may appear slightly red after using. Because the skin around the hair follicles is irritated and needs to repair itself. Just pay attention to moisturizing and avoid sunlight. It will not cause any harmful side effects.

On the contrary, IPL photon hair removal technology can cause changes in the molecular structure of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis layer to promote skin collagen regeneration and rearrangement. So it can achieve the effect of wrinkles reducing and minimize pores.

PS: It is not recommended to light the same area repeatedly, which may cause skin burns.

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