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Details needing attention when using a home use hair removal device

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1.Before using the hair removal device, the hair on the body needs to be shaved in advance. The hair will contain dust. These dust may absorb some light energy and cause severe pain and redness of the skin.

2. The hair removal device is close to the skin when lighting, and the light will stimulate the eyes, which will have a certain impact on the vision. You need to wear goggles to protect your eyes when using it.


3.Do not use hair remover on the skin with trauma, redness, swelling and allergy, otherwise it will stimulate the wound, make the wound more serious and cause inflammation.

4.When using the home use hair removal device, try not to light repeatedly at the same position, because continuous repetition in the same area may cause certain damage to the skin, and people with sensitive skin may cause skin redness. The home use hair removal device cannot completely remove the hair at one time, and it needs to be used for a certain period, it is recommend to depilate at least once every 2 weeks in the first two months of depilation.

5.Pregnant, during lactation, with fragile skin or light sensitive skin, do not use home use hair remover.

6.You should aviod of the sun exposure after using household hair removal. Especially in summer, the ultraviolet light is strong, which is easy to darken the skin after depilation.

It is recommended to use the home use hair remover from the low gear, and then gradually increase the gear if there are no other adverse reactions.

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