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Frequently Asked Questions of IPL Hair Removal Device

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Is IPL depilation safe?


IPL is considered to be quite safe. Of course, the selection of products is very important. It is best to choose a reliable and trustworthy brand and use it according to the recommendations of the manual. Sometimes, some people may have some side effects such as redness and discomfort. This is a normal phenomenon. Ice compress for about 15 minutes. In case of other burns or irritation, please consult a professional medical personnel.


How to use IPL devices


In order to make the IPL depilator work effectively, it is recommended to shave in advance, because the light can reach the hair at the hair follicle. If the hair is too long, there will be a risk of burning the skin. In order to obtain the best results, IPL depilation needs to be carried out regularly. Each brand of depilator will advise you how often to use their machine and when you can see the results.


Does IPL depilation hurt?


The degree of pain varies from person to person. People who are afraid of pain can use it from the lowest level, and then adjust to the high level when the skin establishes tolerance. However, the process of pain is very fast, so the pain will not last for a long time. Most instruments will have a ice cooling function to make them more comfortable. The gear is also high. The higher the energy, the better the depilation effect.


Who can use IPL depilation equipment?


IPL devices are not suitable for everyone because they can only identify and target hair pigments that are in contrast to the skin. Natural blonde, red, white and gray hair contains almost no pigment, so IPL is usually ineffective for people with these hair colors, regardless of their skin color. They also do not apply to dark skin tones. Generally, those with pale to medium complexion and black hair are the best candidates for IPL. In particular, they are not suitable for pregnant women, women with specific skin / hair conditions or women receiving special treatment. They also don't apply to tattoos or permanent makeup - so be sure to ask customer service before buying.


How many IPL treatments are needed to see the results?


IPL device should be used regularly for 4 to 12 weeks to ensure that all visible hair is treated. After 12 weeks of use, the hair should begin to become thinner, grow more slowly, or not at all.

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