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Hair removal can be white? The secret about the home hair removal device

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Hair removal is definitely an intimate way for girls to become beautiful. You will be surprised to find that your complexion will naturally brighten after hair removal, and your skin will instantly become whiter.

Here I will share something about hair removal for everyone. First of all, everyone has hair on their body, even if the skin is clean, there are small hairs on their body. There are three types of hair on our body. The first is lanugo, which is automatically fall off after birth; the second is very thin and soft hair, like the hair on the face and neck; the third is terminal hair, which is thick rough, it contains melanin, like the hairline and underarm hair.


There is melanin in the deep part of each hair follicle. Many people think that if the hair roots are plucked with beeswax or tweezers, the hair will grow much slower if the root is gone, but the melanin in the deep part of the hair follicle is still there, and the melanocytes at the bottom of the hair root It is very active, actively dividing, and it will grow out after a period of time. As long as the melanin is still there, it will grow repeatedly.

If you want to really get rid of hair, you have to start with melanin, but melanin hides so deeply, how to really solve the two problems of melanin and hair removal?

The principle of home photon hair removal is to apply energy to the melanin of the hair. After the melanin absorbs the energy, it is destroyed and then removed. The hair follicle loses its activity and no longer grows hair.

What are the benefits of a home hair removal device?

1. The large area is quickly removed, and the processing speed is fast, which can not only quickly and effectively remove the hair on the large area of skin, but also achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation;

2. The pigmentation after hair removal is very close to our skin;

3. The advantage of laser hair removal is to remove hair very carefully. The laser can penetrate deep into the subcutaneous fat tissue, effectively remove hair from any part of the body, and act on deep hair follicles in different parts.


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