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Have you heard the rumors about hair removal?

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Hair is thick and elegant will be full of beauty. But you may unwanted the hair on the body to be unsatisfactory. Therefore, the work of hair removal should not be neglected. In order to look better in clothes, many people will choose to remove some of the conspicuous body hair without hesitation. But there are four rumors about hair removal. Have you been fooled?


Rumor One: shaving and plucking will not cause sagging skin

The sagging situation is particularly obvious on the face, and a little carelessness can cause skin redness and swelling. Therefore, the hygienic condition of the hair removal tool should also be maintained when performing hair removal work. Try to avoid the "hard pull" job. You can use other hair removal methods instead.


Rumour Two: The more shaved on the body hair will make it thicker and more hair

More shaved makes the thicker hair is just an illusion, because the hair scraped by the razor is only the part of the hair exposed on the surface of the skin, and will not affect the hair follicles under the skin, so it will not accelerate hair growth or thicken the hair, and the razor is in the hand follicle exit Cutting, this position is where the hair is thickest. After shaving, a larger section will be left, and the remaining hair will feel rough when it is touched.


Rumour Three: You can also shed hair during your menstrual period

Due to the influence of hormones, the body bleeds a lot, and the body's tolerance to pain will be different from usual. Hair loss during menstruation makes the body feel uncomfortable.


Rumour Four: Hair no longer grows after using hair removal products

Ordinary razors, beeswax, hair removal cream, etc. can only solve temporary surface problems. After a few days, the hair will grow as long as it should.

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