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Here are the particulars about photon hair removal

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The human body has long hair, short hair, and vellus hair. For example, beard, hair, and armpit hair are long hairs, while eyelashes and nose hair are short hairs. And there are vellus hairs in the inner corners of the eyes. If the hair grows too long and affects the beauty, many ladies choose to have hair removal in spring or autumn, because they are afraid of the cold and do not dare to show themselves in winter. If ladies have body hair in the summer, they dare not expose their body. If they expose their body hair, it will be very embarrassing. Every ladies needs self-confidence, no one is willing to bear the weird eyes of others. To get away from being single, the premise is to remove hair first.


Is home photon hair removal suitable for everyone?

In fact, photon hair removal is somewhat contraindicated. For example, patients with skin ulcers, infections or allergies, patients with heart disease stents or people with dark skin are not suitable for photon hair removal.


Usually for small areas of hair removal, you can choose to remove hair once every 20 days. For example, hair removal of the trunk and limbs is generally performed once every 2-4 weeks, because hair growth has a growth period and a resting period, and regular hair removal is required during this cycle. The darker the hair, the easier it is to remove. The melanin of the fluff is not obvious, and the more difficult it is to remove, it will increase the number of times to achieve the best effect.


Many people have bought depilatory creams and depilatory patches by themselves, and they have skin lesions or skin infections, and even skin ulcers after using them. Depilatory creams or depilatory patches, used repeatedly, can not achieve long-term depilation except for damage to the skin, and hair will grow back after a period of time.

Home hair removal is better than traditional hair removal because the light reaches the depth of the hair follicle to automatically inactivate the hair follicle, so it can achieve permanent hair removal without irritating the skin and avoiding pain or risk. The effect is higher than other traditional hair removal.

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