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How much does beauty salon face depilate need to spend commonly

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Smooth and elastic skin is what everyone wants to have. Having such skin can make people more beautiful and confident. Especially in life, there are many faces with heavy hair, which is also the most troubling part. Therefore, some beauty loving girls will get rid of these problems through facial hair removal surgery.

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What method does facial depilation have?


1. Tweezers depilation: This is the most traditional method. You can also use the eyebrow clip to pull out the eyebrows. The operation is very simple. You can pull out the eyebrows one by one directly. But remember, facial depilation must be pulled out along the direction of hair growth, otherwise it will be very troublesome in case of folliculitis caused by damage to the hair follicle, so after the facial hair is pulled out, it will take a little longer to grow again, But suffer a little.


Shaver hair removal: now the general use of razors are electric, simple operation method, but Zeng did not recommend using this method, because it will make the hair more and more thick, so male friends can use this method, but female friends can avoid using it.


3. Beauty salon hair removal: beauty salon laser hair removal effect is good, but the cost is a little expensive, because the cost of hair removal surgery is generally calculated according to the area, the cost of facial hair removal is about 2000-3500 yuan, this money can buy a household freezing point hair removal instrument.


4. Freezing point hair removal instrument: it's very convenient to use at home. The technology of freezing point hair removal instrument is relatively advanced, and it's also a permanent hair removal method. Freezing point hair removal method will not have any pain, and will not have any impact on our skin.


How to nurse after facial depilation?


1. It is forbidden to use any irritant skin care products or cosmetics within 24 hours after hair removal;


2. Pay attention not to scratch the depilated part, the depilated part is slightly weaker than usual;


3. Don't expose the depilated part to too much sunlight for at least three weeks after depilation;


4. After hair removal, it's better to wash your face with clean water instead of facial cleanser and other cosmetics.

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