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How to protect skin after hair removal in summer?

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In summer, there is a lot of ultraviolet outside. Sunscreen is our summer must do things, especially after hair removal skin is more sensitive and fragile. How to do a good job of skin protection in order to make the skin refreshing and no burden?


Pay attention to sun protection during hair removal.

After hair removal, it is recommended that you pay attention to daily sunscreen. Ultraviolet rays can not only accelerate the deposition of melanin on the epidermis, but also accelerate the aging of the skin. When you go out, you'd better use a sun umbrella to fight against ultraviolet rays.

You can also use other physical sunscreen methods, such as wearing a wide brimmed hat, wearing sunglasses and sunscreen clothes, basically can block most of the UV, pay attention to keep the clothes clean and dry, avoid infection!


You need a light diet during hair removal


1.To eat food rich in vitamin C, improve skin resistance, in order to reduce pigment production.


2.Don't smoke and drink, reduce skin irritation


3.Avoid spicy food


4.During hair removal, it is necessary to relieve the skin in time


     Apply moisturizing and moisturizing products, and do not use skincare products containing essence after hair removal.


     Since hair removal cannot be used with skin care products containing flavors, choose natural ingredients, anti-allergy formula and texture moisturizing lotion when choosing moisturizing products, preferably with colorless and tasteless skin care products.


5.Other considerations


Avoid intense exercise, so as not to cause skin sweating, which will lead to depilation of the wound is soaked, resulting in sweat into the pores, which will also cause infection


After hair removal, avoid excessive use of complex whitening cosmetics, spices and perfume. Because many whitening cosmetics and fragrances contain some irritating ingredients. The use of whitening cosmetics and fragrances is likely to cause skin irritation, which causes redness and swelling.

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