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Painless hair removal, is there really such a pleasant way of hair removal?

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Are you still using these hair removal methods that are so painful that you doubt your life and unscientific?


Honey wax depilation method: compulsory tearing will pull up the hair, the advantage is fast depilation, suitable for emergency use, the disadvantage is also very obvious, easy to damage the surface of the skin, cause inflammation of pores, We had the honor to use once, that kind of acid and tear feeling no longer want to experience the second time.


Tweezers plucking method: I believe tweezers plucking is the first choice tool for hair removal at the beginning. It is more suitable for parts with less hair, such as fingers and toes. The advantage is that after plucking, the pores are not obvious, and the maintenance time is relatively long. It is suitable for mm with time, less hair and no fear of pain. The disadvantage is that it takes time, the pain is strong, and it is easy to make the skin dark, Even cause inflammation.


Razor hair removal method: the most primitive and the most simple and cheap hair removal method, a few dollars of hair removal cost can be used repeatedly, repeated use will not harm the skin and hair follicles, but the hair removal time is short, a few days sweat hair grow out, need to shave repeatedly.


Correct hair removal method:


Home sapphire ice point hair remover, especially in summer, the weather is hot, it is easier to absorb heat without hair removal. At this time, owning a sapphire ice point hair remover can have a better comfortable hair removal experience. When choosing a hair remover, we must also choose the products produced by professional hair remover manufacturers.


NOBLE smart manufacturing - professional IPL hair removal device manufacturers, manufacturers produced the freezing point series of device M5, M6;


M5: 26j high energy effective hair removal, visible effect, strong freezing point continuous light temperature is still maintained at 22 degrees, this summer hair removal who do not choose it.


M6: new Sapphire ice point hair remover, swan neck beautiful appearance with ice application function, 0.8 second light speed, 10 minutes to return you a smooth white skin, so what to wait for, painless hair removal is so simple

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