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Precautions For Using The Hair Removal Device

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Hair removal devices are manufactured to remove unwanted hair from the body. With the continuous improvement of the national development level, people's pursuit of life is getting higher and higher, and the more they pay attention to skin care, hair removal has attracted more and more attention. The use has become very common, so as a novice, do you know what pay attention to when using the hair removal device?


1. Don't do any exfoliation, the laser itself will irritate the skin, and exfoliation will only make the skin more sensitive.

2. After depilation, the skin is very fragile, and its resistance to ultraviolet rays is reduced. Try not to

expose to the sun and avoid sunlight and shade.

3. The skin color may turn whiter after hair removal, or it may cause pigmentation due to local inflammation. This is a normal phenomenon. You can use mild body lotion appropriately after the skin has no discomfort.

4. It is not a permanent hair removal, it needs follow-up use.

Photon hair removal can "permanently" make hair no longer grow, but "permanence" does not for the real "permanence". Even professional laser hair removal equipment can only destroy most hair follicles and prevent hair from regenerating for a long time after a treatment course of six months to more than one year.

Anyway, you must learn more about the relevant knowledge before using the hair removal device to ensure your own safety.

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