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There are thousands of hair removal methods, and laser hair removal is the most recommended!

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On our bodies, apart from hair and eyelashes that need to be as luxuriantly as possible, the luxuriant hair in other places is really annoying for girls who love beauty. Take a long time to paint a delicate and beautiful makeup. Take a look. The obvious lip hair on the lips is simply horrendous, and the makeup looks a lot rougher because of it, and the armpit hair and leg hair are the focus of women to remove!

The common hair removal methods include hair removal cream, shaving shaver, and beeswax hair removal. I believe that everyone should have tried these traditional hair removal methods. It can't act on the hair follicles at the bottom of the skin, so the hair will grow out in about 3 days. It grows again and again!


Laser hair removal is to select melanin as the target. After the melanin in the hair follicle or hair shaft absorbs light energy, the heat energy will rise rapidly, thereby destroying the surrounding hair follicle tissue and achieving a long-lasting hair removal effect.

So how should we choose a laser hair removal device? When purchasing, we can judge by the power density, wavelength, light output area and frequency of the hair removal device as a reference.

1. Energy density: The effectiveness of hair removal is related to energy density. The greater the energy, the greater the damage to hair follicles, and the better the effect of hair removal. The effect of energy density around 5J is appropriate. If it is too high, it will cause unbearable pain, and it can be basically ruled out if it is lower than 3J since it would be no hair removal effect. Here, everyone should understand that energy and energy density are different. Energy density is equal to energy divided by the light-emitting area. For example, if the energy is 19J, and the light-emitting area is 3.2cm, from which we can conclude that its energy density is 5.9J;

2. Wavelength: Studies have shown that the safety of the hair removal device lies in the wavelength. If the wavelength is too short, the light will not reach the hair follicles. The light energy will be absorbed by the melanin and hemoglobin of the skin, which will cause damage to our skin. The wavelength above 510nm is safe and suitable, here is a little trick, generally safe and suitable hair removal device, its filter color is yellow, orange or red;

3. Light emitting area and frequency: The light emitting area of the lamp window is the area that can cover the surface of the skin, and the light emitting frequency refers to how often the light is emitted. When the area is large, frequency of flashing is fast, it will be more convenient to use, and the experience will be better, but when the light output area is too large, the energy density will decrease, so in general, it is appropriate to choose about 3cm.

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