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IPL Hair Removal Device Home Use/Home Use IPL Hair Removal Instrument ODM/OEM
IPL Hair Removal Device Home Use/Home Use IPL Hair Removal Instrument ODM/OEM

IPL Hair Removal Device Home Use/Home Use IPL Hair Removal Instrument ODM/OEM

Project Name: (IPL) Photon Hair Removal Device M3

Product Usage: This is a hand-held ipl hair removal device at home. It is compact and simple easy to carry and use. It is most suitable for personal and family to use. It has the function of photon hair removal(HR) and skin rejuvenation(SR).

Customer Requirement: The customer requested to design a hand-held photon hair removal apparatus with skin color detection and inductive lighting as a whole which is comfortable and easy to use. It requires integrated lamp tube to improve safety.

Current Status: Mass production and hot sale

Other Results: Owned appearance patents utility model patents and CE RoHs certification. Patent application number or patent      number: 201720404264.2 etc.

This is a hand-held photon hair removal device. It is compact and simple easy to carry and use. It is most suitable for personal and family to use. It has the function of photon hair removal skin rejuvenation and whitening.

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  • Definition Of Product
  • Copying Design
  • Appearance Design
  • Structure Design And Optimal
  • Circuit Design
  • Software Design
  • Prototype Proofing
  • Processing And Manufacturing
  • Parts Purchase
  • Product Assembling
  • Product Testing
  • Packaging Logistics
Definition Of Product

1It is an original shape photon hair removal device.

2.It is a handheld photon hair removal device used by major families.

3.It is a high safety ergonomic and easy-to-use photon hair removal device.


Copying Design
Appearance Design

The product are requested not similar to the appearance of all photon hair removal devices on the market. Therefore we have designed a unique shape under the premise of ensuring ergonomics simplicity and ease of use and it was finally finalized after multiple optimization.


Structure Design And Optimal

This product has made many structural innovations and applied for the utility model patent.In order to realize the automatic skin color detection the following structural innovation is made.


Circuit Design

The circuit design of this product has been improved many times to achieve more stable and reliable. Due to the abundant supply of chips in the chip market when we first started designing this product many electronic materials were well purchased. After the end of last year Many of our electronic materials we designed and applied were difficult to purchase delaying delivery and affecting the quality. so early this year we began to redesign optimized the program changed a lot of electronic materials so that guarantees the quality and delivery time. For example the program is now replaced by this golden finger socket.


Software Design

We optimized the software of this product in 3 versions. As shown in the figure Our operation interface is optimized twice strive to be clear beautiful concise easy to understand and operate and meet customer requirements better.

Prototype Proofing

We made four prototype proofing in total. The first time we made a shape prototype through the SLA laser rapid prototyping and made improvements by comprehensive consideration of the views of market engineering manufacturing and other aspects. The secondly through the SLA laser rapid prototyping to make shape prototype improved. The thirdly through various processes such as SLA and CNC and other processes we made a structural prototype that could be used and tested. After many tests we found the shortcomings. Finally according to the modified drawings we made a final functional prototype for taking photos marketing etc.

Processing And Manufacturing

In order to make this product more exquisite and beautiful we strictly control each aspect of manufacturing and processing. Especially the plastic shell of this photon hair removal device from plastic mold injection molding fuel injection silk screen etc each process is excellence and strive for perfection.

Parts Purchase

The PCB board of this product needs more than 100 types of electronic materials such as quartz lamps and quartz filters. It requires blister packs cartons and other packaging fans adapter reflectors and other more than 20 kinds of electronic components and accessories. According to the design standards of various materials we strictly control the quality and ask each supplier to provide the CE certification UL certification CCC certification PSE certification ROHS certification.

Product Assembling

We have done all kinds of testing racks automatic testing procedures aging procedures after many tests and aging to ensure that the each photon hair removal device is stable and reliable.

Product Testing


Packaging Logistics