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How and how often to use a hair remoal device?

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Girls love beauty, and they want their skin to be bright and smooth, so they can wear all kinds of clothes with exposed arms and legs. Speaking of smooth and beautiful skin, the laser hair removal device is also one of popular beauty tools. For safety, how to use the home hair removal device and how often? Let's take a look today~

How many times should hair removal device light on skin?

It is normally to use the home hair removal device to take one flash on each hair removal area, but in order to ensure the hair removal effect, we recommend 2-3 times. The hair removal device works on the melanin in the hair follicles, and the growth cycle of the hair in the hair follicles belongs to the "shift work". This batch of hairs "off work", and the new batch will "wake up to work", so even if the skin is lighted many times in a short period of time, the hair removal effect won’t be obvious. Therefore, the hair removal device needs to be used once every other time, repeatedly using can make the hair follicles lose their vitality, and the hair will be less. Regarding the correct use and precautions of the hair removal device, we have also mentioned it before.


How often to use the hair removal device?

The first stage: Use the device once every two weeks. The depilator does not shed hair immediately after lighting, but most of the hair will fall off after 4 times of irradiation.

The second stage: Use it once a month. At this stage, the hair will grow slowly. You can use the device once a month.

The third stage: Use it once every three months, only a small amount of new hair will continue to grow out. At this time, you can use it regularly every 2-3 months.

The fourth stage: In this stage, the hair removal work has also come to an end. The hair on the body grows hardly, and the skin will become smooth. There are only few new hairs occasionally, just use it on a few new hairs when needed.

When using the hair removal device, everyone has to understand how and how often to use the hair removal device. Only by correct and safe hair removal method can be assured.

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