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How to make the choose of Noble hair removal device How to make the choose of Noble hair removal device

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If everyone's hair only grows where they should grow, then I believe that the handsome guys in this world are estimated to be more than half. It is a pity that some people have few hairs on their heads, but the hairs on other parts of the body are lush like a tropical rain forest. This is a problem that makes people difficult. Although I don't know how to increase your hair on your head, I can smooth other areas where you should not have hair.

Click on the major retail platforms and search for home hair removal devices. I believe that everyone is already familiar with some big brands, such as Philips, Silk'n, Ulike, Braun, etc. The hair removal devices of these classic brands have been tested by the market, and they must be good at the product quality, but today I want to recommend a brand that is not well-known to the majority of consumer-Noble Home Hair Removal Device.

When mention to Noble, people who is familiar with the hair removal device industry are not strange to this name. But why is the popularity not so high as the other brands? That is because Noble is a manufacturer dedicated to do the OEM for other brands. It has been developing the home hair removal device for since 2014 year. So far, almost all hair removal device from Noble has been designed by themselves and with private mold. The main markets of their products are North America, Europe and Japan and South Korea. Therefore, few hair removal devices from Noble can be found in China.

Then let's talk about their products in detail.

Model G1


Small and stylish appearance, easy to carry and has a good looking. Cause its affordable price, it is highly popular by young customer groups. Imported quartz lamps and chips make the products have stable performance, and a variety of colors are available.

Model M2


The unique appearance design is different from other hair removal products on the market. It uses imported quartz lamps and chips, and the wavelength of the light reaches the ideal 640nm. In addition, this one adds also the skin color recognition function, which further ensures the safety of use.

Model M3


The appearance is a bit similar to the mainstream hair removal products on the market. Because of the differences and similarities, this is extra popular under dealers. At present, this product has the most cooperative customers and the best sales. Other functions are similar to M2.

Model M1


Desktop home hair removal device, you can notice that this is more professional than the general home hair removal device from the appearance. Three head replacement, skin rejuvenation head, hair removal head and hair removal head+, the effect of hair removal is more significant. Indeed this is very popular in small beauty salons abroad.

Model M5


Focus on the points, friends. Please take your pens and papers. When you consider to get hair removal device in the future, you must come back and find this one with me.

Large LCD screen. Except for the lighting key is press button, the other function keys are touch feeling button. 4cm² large area circular freezing point, as low as 4℃ freezing point temperature. Double heat dissipation to consolidate the freezing point effect. Large capacitance provides energy up to 26J. Hair removal and skin rejuvenation functions do not need to change the head, one-key conversion function. Equipped with light heads of other sizes to meet the lighting needs of different parts.

The M5 hair removal device produced by Noble is almost impeccable. At present, this model has not been officially released, and it is still in the trial production test, and strives to come out with the most perfect state. Interested people, don’t forget to pay attention on this product.

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