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4 Facts You Need to Know Before Doing IPL Hair Removal

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To remove unwanted hair from body IPL hair removal is the best and safe way.

Here is our guide to 4 facts you need to know before doing IPL hair removal.

1. No More Waxing!

You need to be patient with IPL hair removal, between treatments you will find that your hair growth may continue to come through. In order for IPL to work effectively, your hairs need to be connected to the root at the time of your treatment.

You are recommended not to do any sort of hair removal methodother than shaving or trimming. This is because other methods either disconnect the hairs from the root with force or they may stimulate more growth in the area.


2. Does not Work on Blonde, White or Red Hairs

IPL hair removal machines are attracted to the pigment in your hair. Hairs which are blonde, white or red lack pigment. Finer hairs and hairs which are a very light brown are also more difficult to treat because of this. It is always best that you ask the therapist to check your hair growth before purchasing a course.


3. Cannot be Done On or Over a Tattoo

If you have a tattoo in the area where you want to get IPL it cannot be treated. IPL hair removal may either burn the area or cause the tattoo to fade. If you are looking to have a tattoo removed then this is not the correct procedure for you to go for. You would need to look for a salon who offers this treatment.


4. It's a Long Term Reduction

You could potentially be hair-free for years after your treatment has finished. You will require maintenance sessions in order to prolong the results. Many people are under the impression that IPL offers a 100% permanent removal of hair. This is not the case as no IPL that is currently available is able to promise to remove each and every individual hair. But some people do see outstanding results after using our IPL hair removal device.

Trust Noble, Trust IPL, you will get a beautiful skin and wonderful life!

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