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4 points you may need to consider before buying the IPL hair removal device.

Time : 2021-05-27 Hits : 633

What you need to consider before buying a home IPL hair removal device, well, we have thought it for you.

1. Skin color: first you need to know that not all the skin color can use the IPL device. IPL device can not use in black or dark skin, since the IPL light could burn this kind of skin color. Right now many IPL has the skin sensor function, so if your skin is too dark, it would not let you use it. But you don`t have to waste your money buying it and find it refuses to work.

2. Hair color: you also need to check your hair color, if your hair is white, red, grey or light blonde then IPL light can not be absorbed into the hair follicle, therefore it won`t be very effective.

3. Treatment area: if you are also considering treating small area like underarm or bikini area with more concentrated light, you can also pay attention to the IPL devices which also offers small size heads, but this may also needs extra costs.

4. Using with or without a charging cord: if you want to get rid of a charging cord when you doing the hair removal treatment, then you can choose the IPL that has battery inside and does not need a power cable getting in the way while you using it. But the battery may not be enough like when you are treating large area like your leg. Then you would suddenly stop and need to charge the device, and you may want to go with a powered IPL device instead to go smoothly for the treatment, furthermore, battery type IPL is also more expensive than charging cord. So the IPL with charging cord is more reliable and economical.

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