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6 Reasons to Choose a Home IPL Hair Removal Device Of Noble

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1.Permanent hair removal

When other methods only remove body hair temporarily, and it will grow back soon, the Noble IPL hair removal has fundamentally solved this problem: After the first hair removal, IPL will put the hair follicles into a sleep state and break the cycle of hair regeneration. The result is permanent visible hair loss and permanently smooth skin.

2.Safe and comfortable
In order to enable customers to use it safely and effectively, Noble's home IPL hair removal is the only IPL in China that uses SensoAdapt ™ technology. The sophisticated skin color sensor can continuously scan the skin color and automatically adjust the light intensity to ensure customer safety.


3. Hair removal at home
Noble home IPL hair removal is inspired by the latest IPL technology used in beauty salons and dermatology clinics. Braun has adapted this technology to make your hair removal comfortable and safe at home.
4. Convenient and fast
With the Noble Home IPL Hair Removal Device, you can depilate your legs with the lowest energy level in 5 minutes. Use automatic flash mode for large areas of hair removal, or use manual mode for precise processing in small or sensitive areas.
As a wired device, the Noble Home Ipl Hair Removal Device allows you to use the maximum power to perform epilation without interruption. It can be done once without any worry.


5. Mild and painless
The discomfort of the Noble Home IPL Hair Removal Device is very small, and there is even an extra gentle gentle mode that takes care of the user's feelings. Customers who use it for the first time or hair removal in sensitive areas (such as a face or bikini line) can use this mode.


6.High-cost performance
Compared with hair removal in a beauty salon or other hair removal methods, the cost of a home ipl hair removal device is not very high. And under normal circumstances, the effective light output of a home use ipl hair removal is enough to let you take off for a lifetime. It is equivalent to a lifetime, and compared with other hair removal methods, the cost performance is also very high.

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