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A few things you need to know before doing at-home ipl hair removal(Next)

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8. Different skin types experience varying degrees of pain (or lack thereof).

Personally, fortunately, there is no pain. White skin and fairly light brown hair will describe this feeling like a warm acne, but they don't like to say anything painful or "uncomfortable"! Some friends have tried this treatment.

Their hair is thicker than my hair. It is described as an electric rubber band, but it is painless. With the ipl Hair Removal Noble setting, you can adjust the power to a position you feel comfortable with.


9. Avoid plucking and waxing after your treatment.

Shaving is your new favorite hair removal method, anything else pulls hair from the follicle and hinders the IPL process, which you don’t want.

10. Lather yourself in suncream after you zap.

You should always always always be using SPF, but especially after you treat an area with IPL, it will sensitive, so take extra precaution with sun protection. Or do what I do, and wear jeans.

11. Avoid perfumes, deodorants and hot showers.

Just for the first 24 hours after your treatment, again due to the sensitivity of the skin. I usually zap before going to bed and use a more natural deodorant the next day (I know, not strictly 24 hours later).


12. I trust the home use ipl hair removal of Noble.

There are lots of options out there, but there’s something about the home use ipl hair removal of Noble that I hand on heart, just love. I trust the brand, most importantly, and I trust the product. If you’re zapping your skin at home, you want to know you’re doing so safely and have read tons of reviews and advice. I’m really glad I chose the home use ipl hair removal of Noble.

13. Yes, it’s safe.

Developed with expert dermatologists, the home use ipl hair removal of Noble is safe, effective, convenient and fast.

14. Yes, it works.

After a few uses, most of the treated area will have a reduced amount of body hair, and if you stick with it, eventually all the hair will be gone. You can always top up if you notice a few stragglers coming through, but they’re pretty much unnoticeable. I can get away with going a month without shaving my legs, and this winter I’m going to be more strict with my routine, to hopefully banish them for good.


15. Is it worth it? A million times YES!

And that’s coming from someone who has never really ‘struggled’ with body hair. It’s just so darn convenient! The underarms are the game-changer for me, but if you’ve got dark hair on your legs, then using the home use ipl hair removal of Noble could be an actual life changer. Just imagine the FREEDOM from stubble and having to wear jeans on hot days because CBA to shave…. Yes, it is so, so worth it.

I really hope this post is useful if you’ve been thinking about purchasing an at-home IPL device, and I honestly truly recommend the home use ipl hair removal of Noble as a device that works wonderfully and is safe and easy to use.

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