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At-home IPL hair removal device Pros and Cons

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IPL hair removal device is a choice and a treatment that might not be fit for everyone.

The following elements could help you to confirm whether it's the right choice for you or not.



Permanent Hair Removal

The most important point of IPL hair removal device is reducing the hair growth obviously after 4-6 treatment. It helps in reduction of unwanted hair effectively and permanently. Then you could enjoy the smooth and hair-free beauty skin in condition of no shaving unwanted hair.

It's Fast

Shaving, waxing belong to time-consuming methods of hair removal.

They are difficulty to reach the great effects. However, IPL hair removal device is a kind of effective method. It mostly only takes 10-15 minutes (depending upon the treatment area) . And it does not take much time during the treatment, so you can easily make appointment.

Pain-free and Safe

Another important thing of IPL hair removal device is safety and painless. it must be very safety when make hair removing, IPL hair removal device is a good choice, because the procedure is very gentle, fast and permanent.

At-home treatments available

With the development of technology, portable home IPL comes out. It might be different from treatment at the clinic, they are very convenient, it can be operated at home.



It is Expensive

The biggest drawback of IPL hair removal is that the treatment is expensive. As the hair removal treatment is carried out in several sessions at a clinic, the cost of the overall procedure can be quite costly to manage.

The Hair can Re-grow

IPL hair removal device does not guarantee 100% removal of hair. There is a chance of hair re-growth as mentioned above. This means that although the treatment removes hair for more extended periods than the traditional methods, there is still a chance of hair re-growth.

Requires Numerous Visits

Unlike the traditional hair removal methods, IPL hair removal must take several times visiting clinics for smooth and hair-free skin. With the hair re-growth, also need for annual maintenance visits to eliminate every possibility of hair re-growth.


It May Not Be for Everyone

While most people want hair-free, smooth skin but IPL removal might not be fit for everyone. Especially for black color skin, IPL hair removal device might not work.

IPL hair removal device treatment is an investment. It requires patience and several treatments to see the desired results, but the results are effective and long-lasting, if you're not willing to make those visits to the clinic or spend most of your budget on it, then the best option is IPL hair removal device. Especially home us IPL hair removal device.

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