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Can home use depilation instrument depilate permanently

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First, the concept of permanent hair removal must be explained. The growth cycle of human hair is divided into three stages in total, which are growth period, degeneration period and repose period respectively. In medicine, permanent hair removal can be achieved if more than one growth cycle does not grow back. It is not literally understood that as long as the hair is removed once it will never grow back. Don't say depilator, any products are not good, the current depilator technology level has not reached that height. Don't say depilator, any products are not good, the current depilator technology level has not reached that height.

A home depilator USES a laser to penetrate the epidermis and reach the hair follicle, where the melanin absorbs the laser light, This creates a momentary heat that burns the follicles and causes them to wither into a dormant state, where the hair stops growing for a while.

But the dormant period of hair follicle also has deadline, need partition time to undertake filling again so dozen, let major hair follicle enter dormant period through repeatedly a few times, the skin can keep bare.

According to the different needs of different groups of people, I carefully studied the differences between some popular brands, and picked out one to give you a brief introduction:

Noble hair remover M3

This depilator is a customized product developed by Noble aiming at the hair and skin characteristics of Asia. Based on IPL technology, it aims at the situation that Asian people tend to have dark skin, light hair color and thin skin. It has been adjusted and optimized in terms of technology, energy and design. The main feature is mild. The pain during hair removal is close to zero. Body hair again much also need not worry about hair too exuberant perm feels acuteness to bear, can say is a depilator that I recommend most today.

It is worth mentioning that this device can emit light automatically. The instrument will automatically sense the skin and light up, no need to press the button. The built-in motion sensor prevents you from accidentally stopping in the same place and causing repeated exposures. When the instrument detects that the body is not moving, it will automatically stop emitting light to avoid burns. At the same time, the light outlet has a color detection lamp that can intelligently identify the color of skin.

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