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Compare with the ice cool hair removal and normal hair removal which is better

Time : 2020-08-27 Hits : 3

With the gradual development of the beauty industry, especially the products of the hair removal industry, a variety of different types of products have appeared. Laser hair removal, IPL, HPL, and now relatively popular ice cool hair removal. Many people are very puzzled, what kind of hair removal method is this ice cool hair removal, is the hair removal effect good?


The called ice cool hair removal does not mean that the hair removal method or principle is different, but strengthens the user's experience during hair removal. Those who have experienced hair removal should know that a lot of heat will be generated on the surface of the skin when lighting, so in order to reduce this discomfort, the design of ice cool is born.

Our latest generation of ice cool hair removal device, as low as 5 ℃, takes you to experience the freezing icy hair removal

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