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Difference between photon depilator and 808 depilator?

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Summer approaching, hair removal has been promoted as the primary topic of beauty friends, hair removal is generally the household photon hair removal apparatus and 808 semiconductor laser hair removal apparatus, a kind of photon hair removal; The other is laser hair removal. How do we choose between the two? What are the technical differences between these two methods of hair removal?

Operation principle of 808 semiconductor laser depilator

Semiconductor laser hair removal instrument (808 nm semiconductor laser hair removal is the full name of freezing point), its working principle is based on selective thermal dynamic role, through the microprocessor control laser power supply for laser module provides adjustable constant current, to the high power laser diode laser module converts electrical energy into light energy, continuous laser output wavelength of 808 nm, 808 nm wavelength effective penetration depth can reach the target (dermal papilla) target tissue, suitable pulse duration to ensure sufficient heat generated in the target tissue damage and surrounding tissue is almost unaffected, making hair regeneration ability and lose, Achieve the goal of permanent hair removal. In addition, the 808 freezing point semiconductor laser hair removal device USES sapphire epidermal cooling system, which gives the skin a cool feeling during treatment. It is a painless and long-term hair removal device.


Photon depilate principle: light penetrates the skin to hair follicle, because the melanin of hair follicle is more, melanin can absorb light to convert into heat energy, the hair follicle after be heated can enter dormancy state, destroy hair follicle to achieve depilate effect next.

The difference between

808 semiconductor laser hair removal and photon hair removal instrument: based on the selective principle of field, hair follicles contain melanin, laser wavelength to melanin hair removal treatment for accurate and selectively targets, is a professional hair removal device, not only for black hair, hair to other color, yellow hair, white hair, brown hair and so on all can efficiently remove, stable performance, precise, fast adsorption melanin effect is very good.

The wavelength of 808 semiconductor is 808nm, high energy, great damage to hair follicles, good hair removal effect, painful experience, high price; Photon hair removal wavelength is 550-650nm, low energy, little damage to hair follicles, slightly poor hair removal effect, painless experience, cheap price.

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